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在ManBet手机客户端的三年是我一生中最美好的时光, 我希望它能持续到明年半. I believe that many of you are having the best experiences as well playing sports and hanging out with your friends. However, have you ever felt that you don`t belong to Stanstead or you have had a complaint about something? Complaints can be about sports, academics, relationships, and maybe about food. However, this complaint can be changed to positive by accepting the fact and accepting yourself.  
Acceptance is not always easy, but it is an important and necessary part of our life. It is about understanding and embracing who we are and where we come from and being comfortable in our skin. It is about understanding and respecting the differences that exist among us. 生活中有许多事情是难以接受的. 我努力接受自己的缺点和不完美, 或者有些事情我无法控制.  
When I came to Stanstead, it was a different environment waiting for me. 文化是不同的, 人们是不同的, 天气变了, 语言是不同的, 食物也不一样. 整个寄宿学校的生活都不一样了. You have to wake up at 7:30 every morning with excitement, go eat breakfast with Mr. 马里诺的音乐, 带着紧张去上课, 带着竞争的心态去参加体育活动, 带着困倦的大脑去学习. But these differences and accepting each of them are what’s going to make us stronger.  
But here`s the thing: acceptance doesn`t mean we have to like or approve of everything. 这并不意味着我们必须同意所有的事情. Acceptance is just simply about understanding that something is the way it is, 而不是试图改变或对抗它. 
为什么接纳如此重要? Because it helps us to let go of negative emotions like anger and frustration. 它让我们从困境中走出来. Without acceptance, you are automatically trying to blame someone or something. 我相信这就是为什么我们有时会抱怨的原因, 或者我们觉得自己不属于这个地方.  
为了能够接受这个事实,你必须有一个开放的思想. You have to take a moment to pause and be present with your thoughts and feelings. This will help you to understand and accept what is happening in the present moment. 最后,也是最重要的一点,不要妄加评判. Try to see things from other people`s perspectives and be open to new ideas from others. 
再次强调,接受并不总是那么容易,但值得付出努力. Let`s try to practice acceptance in all aspects of our life and turn negative into positive. 

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